Behind this web page you’ll find we’re a small, diverse, and personalized group pursuing Tuscan travel for years. We’re real people with real travel dreams of our own. Our team has cooked, eaten, tasted, shopped, biked, hiked, driven, celebrate traditions and partied our way around Tuscany - and we’re dedicated to bringing you the best experience. We’ll give you our time and friendly personal service. We know the undulating hills, the terraced vineyards, the olive groves, the quaint villages and the medieval castles. We know the best shopping, first-rate restaurants, and the most scenic route to take. We’ve built personal relationships over years with tour guides, wineries, osterias, restaurants and villas. We know every special place that shouldn’t be missed. It’s what we do all day every day. We will be there for you if anything unexpected occurs on your trip. We have the education and the experience to ensure you enjoy exceptional travel experiences throughout your lifetime. We are aware of the importance of delivering high quality service for all our costumers and we are dedicated to offering you a perfect service - that we hope it will prove to be way beyond your expectations.

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Tuscany In Limo team